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Visit the King of Red Pine Tree in Changbai Mountain 

Changbai Mountain is located at the edge of East Asia, bordering on the strong fold belt of the Pacific Ocean. Changbai Mountain is a typical volcanic landform, which is the largest active volcano in Asia with charming scenery and rich resources.

The king of Red pine tree has experienced three times of volcanic eruption of Changbai Mountain in a thousand years of history, but it still stands firm. Therefore, it is honored as "The First Holy Tree in Changbai Mountain and the King of Red Pine Tree".

Ceavia League building activity -- a trip to Changbai Mountain(图1)

Ceavia League building activity -- a trip to Changbai Mountain(图2)

Visit and Learn about the Growth of Pine Nuts 

The company organized field training for pine nuts, and explained in detail the growth environment, growth cycle, and demonstrated pinecone picking in the field.

We adhere to the corporate culture of professionalism, devotement and concentration, and strive for excellence in every detail of our work. We learn and improve together, constantly correct and reflect, and breakthrough and innovation are the purpose of our efforts.

Ceavia League building activity -- a trip to Changbai Mountain(图3)

Training and Dinner Party

The training explained in detail the process from pinecone to finished products, including inshell pine nuts -- drying -- screening -- grading -- shelling -- peeling -- sorting -- packaging, as well as each technical parameter that needs to be controlled.

A Trip to Changbai Mountain(图4)

We learned and mastered a lot of professional knowledge in the processing of pinenut kernels.

We look forward to continue to cooperate with each other to jointly create more perfect products to the country and the world.

Ceavia League building activity -- a trip to Changbai Mountain(图5)